At Grain St Laurent, we are a Canadian-based company dedicated to helping the agri-food industry respond to its needs throughout North America. Advocating a direct approach, we provide a wide variety of tools to our customers, enabling them to leverage competitive grain prices year-round, which makes a world of difference when it comes time to trade.

No matter where you are in the world, you can count on our strong management team that keeps customer satisfaction at the center of its concerns. Our management team controls every step of the process, from the farm gates to the end customer.

As we want to improve ecological and local grains, we have are Eco-certified and all our products are grown in Canada and the United States. In this way, we contribute to the local economy, with high-standard services.

North American distributor

All our products are distributed across North America in large or small amounts.

Outstanding Service

Thanks to our sales team’s know-how, you can be sure to receive outstanding service. We create added value with our extensive sales force and our strong relationships in the industry.

High quality standards

Grain St Laurent offers a wide selection of first-choice grains. We work hard to maintain the highest quality and unprecedented standards.

Long-term relationships

We have formed strong relationships with our partners, which allow us to handle all grain varieties at any time, in any quantity.

We create value with our saleforces and key relationships in the industry.

Licence and Certification

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