Meet our key people

At Grain St Laurent, our people come first and our customer's needs are top priority. Our key traders are specialized and precise when it comes to managing time, location, quality and logistics. This is how we've developed longstanding relationships with our clients, customers and suppliers alike.

Austin McGhee

Trader, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 669-2120
Toll free: 1 877 505-2023

Connor McKenzie

Trader, Vancouver

Tel: (778) 819-0179
Toll Free: 1 887 505-2023

Daniel Sutherland

Commerical Lead , Montreal & Vancouver

Tel: (778)-819-0178
Toll free: 1 866 563-9663

Michel Jourdenais

Trader, Montreal

Tel: (514) 871-2037
Toll free: 1 866 563-9663

Natalia Rodriguez

Logistics Coordinator, Montréal

Tel: (514) 871-2037
Toll free: 1 866 563-9663

Olesea Donciu

Accountant, Montreal

Tel: (514) 871-2091
Toll free: 1 866 563-9663

Request a quote 514-871-2037

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